Of course we have already met. Founded in 1953, our firm enjoys a long standing reputation as reliable, independent brokers in the field of casings, animal by-products as well as pet food. Thanks to our vast experience, combined with our specialized market and product know-how, De Lange Brokers has closed numerous successful transactions between buyers and sellers, all over the world.

Our reliable network comprises A-1 producers, exporters and importers all over Europe, North and South America, South-Africa,
Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Wherever you are located, De Lange Brokers is there to introduce you to interesting products and markets and to guarantee you successful, profitable business deals.

Nowadays, sales and purchase people cost a lot of money. Plus the fact that really good salesmen and purchasers are rare.

De Lange Brokers saves you a lot of costs and overhead expenses. We know the products, we know the prices, we know the markets. We have been there many times.
Furthermore, we always accompany and assist our customers when visiting clients or suppliers abroad.

We leave no room for misunderstanding. Especially when it concerns your business interests. We fluently master the English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and of course, Dutch language.

So if you might think communication with us might be rather difficult, we will gladly help you to learn Dutch.

Our business begins and ends with service. Helping you to identify business opportunities, reviewing supply and demand in the actual markets, sounding out our business contacts, testing product samples, negotiating the best price, closing the deal, supervising transport and paperwork.

As independent brokers our sole remuneration exists of commission. How much? That depends on various aspects. Volume, the time factor, the contents of the contract etcetera.
No deal? In that case our efforts will cost you nothing.
That’s the way we work..